All events take place at 
6168 1st Avenue North (unless noted otherwise).
Become ONE with your inner divine. Allow the divine in you to take over and guide your life to the "YOU" that you have dreamed of in all areas and experience the true ecstasy of wholeness. This class will help sell your subconscious mind on your unlimited ability to do the uncommon.  
These four evenings will begin in meditation to allow us to get closer to God and experience this bliss for the entire gathering. All sessions will be an accredited Unity class, BI 804 - The Creative Process in the Bible. The required book is "Life is Easy; God Said So " by Burt and Allard and it is available in the bookstore. I will be donating 20 copies to the bookstore that will be available for purchase from the Unity bookstore for $ 8.  
Come join us for four evenings of a spiritual adventure of evolution that will change your life. PLEASE READ PAGES 1-30 BEFORE THE FIRST CLASS. To be unprepared is to walk through life without direction. Please come join us if you are ready, and forward this to ALL your friends including all faiths and Non-believers. We need to have some great inter-faith discussions. See you all there.

          5:45 to 6:45pm

Led by Mary Dawn Pyle, MA, Professor of World Religions (retired), Author, Chaplain

The Circle of Peace is an exciting new, inclusive and open-minded group. This group is for anyone who wants to live more peacefully within themselves and with others. The gathering begins with a brief (less than 10 minutes) lesson from one of the world's great wisdom traditions including Buddhism, Taoism, Native American Spirituality, Unity/Christianity, Sufism, Feminist Spirituality, and others. The lesson will be followed by a period of sharing on the topic, and a stress-relieving guided meditation.

The Circle of Peace begins March 30, and meets every Thursday from 5:45 to 6:45 PM at Unity of St Petersburg, 6168 1st Avenue North in St Pete.
You may sit in a chair, but if you prefer a cushion, please feel free to bring it. Also, please invite others who might be interested in this group. 

If you have questions, call Mary Dawn at 727-608-8748.