Inmate Correspondence Commitment
Heart to Heart Corresponds with members of the 
LIFEPATH program at Hardee Correctional Facility

LifePath is a program that was created by inmates who had a vision of finding responsible solutions to life's challenges.
By mentoring, advocating, and networking these men saw they could make a difference in their own lives as wel as the lives of fellow offenders.
LifePath is funded solely through the donations of outside sponsors and is dedicated to creating permanent positive change, thereby helping to stabilize the environment within their prison community which will reflect by the reduction of ex-offenders reoffending.
LifePath accomplishes this task through programs designed to work on not only wrong behavior, but on the very though process that allows them to fall into the criminal life and creating victims
LifePath has a cirruculum of 17 mandatory and a number ef elective programs built into a four phase 24 month program. Some of these classes are:
Effective Communication
Anger management and Domestic Violence
Victim Impact
The Hood Circle
Character Qualities
Introduction to Computers
Success Plannning Restorative Justice
Victim Awareness
Community Servan
Relese Planning
Responsible Thingk & Person Decision Making
Qualifications for membership in Life Path:
One year of no disciplinary infractions.
Agreement and Commitment by signing a LifePath Housing
Standard commitment form
Must be active in at least two  classes at any given time
Must participate in all community affairs
remain Disciplinary Action free.
Must aacquire a G.E.D or High School Diploma
or participate in tutoring classes.

Elective Classes facilitated by Inmates who have
Air Conditioning
Music Theory
Life Theater 
Leadership Workshops
and many more.

We will be planning events to raise money to fund LifePath
in this much needed program.
Watch for details coming.
Heart to Heart also corresponds with inmates
in Solitary Confinement in prisons across
the country through Solitary Lifelines.