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FINDING JOY ON THE JOURNEY Wk 2         Rev. Fred Clare       August 18, 2019

FINDING JOY ON THE JOURNEY Wk1         Rev. Fred Clare        August 11, 2019 

HOW TO BE ONE WITH GOD                      Mary Dawn Pyle       July 7, 2019

THE EASTER JOURNEY Wk.3                      Rev. Fred Clare        April 7, 2019

THE EASTER JOURNEY Wk.2                      Rev. Fred Clare        March 31, 2019

THE EASTER JOURNEY Wk. 1                    Rev. Fred Clare         March 24, 2019

LET IT GO & BE THE LIGHT WK1                Rev. Fred Clare         Jan. 20, 2019  


CHECKING THE ALIGNMENT                        Rev. Fred Clare        Sept. 30, 2018

FINDING OUR GREATNESS                            Rev. Fred Clare       Sept. 23, 2018 

UNITY 101                                                      Rev. Fred Clare        April 8, 2018 

EVOLVING UNITY                                           Rev. Fred Clare       March 4, 2018

WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE                    Rev. Fred Clare        Feb. 18, 2018

CALLED TO LOVE                                          Rev. Fred Clare        Feb. 4, 2018

DREAMS COME TRUE THROUGH ACTION     Rev. Fred Clare        Jan. 28, 2018   

THE DREAM COMES ALIVE                            Rev. Fred Clare        Jan. 21, 2018

EXPRESSING YOUR DREAMS                        Rev. Fred Clare        Jan. 14, 2018

DREAMS CAN COME TRUE                            Rev. Fred Clare         Jan.  7, 2018   


THE PLACE OF GRACE                                Rev. Fred Care          Feb. 19, 2017
MEDITATION                                                Rev. Fred Clare          Feb. 19, 2017 

IT'S TIME TO WAKE UP                               Rev. Fred Clare          Feb. 12, 2017 

TEACHING ON THE MOUNTAIN                    Rev. Fred Clare          Feb.  5, 2017

STEPPING INTO THE FOG                           Rev. Fred Clare          Jan. 22, 2017

INTO THE FOG                                            Rev. Fred Clare          Jan.  8, 2017

LIVING IN THE PROMISE LAND                  Mary Dawn Pyle         Jan.15,2017
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Embracing oneness, celebrating diversity, grounded in Unity principles, UNITY of St. Petersburg is a spiritual community of love, prosperity and action.

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