Unity of St. Petersburg is a spiritual community teaching practical spiritual principles that enrich, empower and transform lives.

UNITY of St Petersburg
 6168 1st Ave N
St. Petersburg, FL 33710

Health and Wholeness 
Tuesdays, Jan. 16th –Feb. 6th 
 6:30-9 pm
with Bill Allard, LUT

Become ONE with your inner divine. Allow the divine in you to take over and be your life that you have dreamed of in all areas and experience the true ecstasy of wholeness. This class will guide you to your unlimited ability to do the uncommon.
These four evenings will begin in meditation to allow us to get closer to God and experience this sensation for the entire gathering. An accredited Unity class, HTS 135 - Health and Wholeness . The required book is " Of Monkeys and Dragons" by Michele Longo O'Donnell and is available in the bookstore.  
 Sign up sheet in bookstore

EVERY 2ND and last Sunday, after service, a magical moment occurs at USP.
 "Coming Together to Heal".
This is a special time where each person attending is offered an opportunity to 
raise the healing vibration within themselves, their families, their friends, their community, their world.
All that is necessary is a willingness to participate and an open heart.
The modalities of meditation, reiki and sacred sound have one thing in common.
They heighten our awareness of the Divine Energy within us
and enhance our ability to direct this energy toward action which can fulfill our highest goal. 
 This heightened awareness of the Divine Presence within
 increases our sense of universal connection
and further empowers us to rely on the goodness of this Presence 
to direct our actions toward universal balance.
What does this universal balance look like? What does it feel like?
It is Love!
It emanates from our heart. It influences our mind. It guides our actions.

On February 4th the Healing Ministry at USP will present 

We will sing the songs which open our hearts to the emotion of love.
We will dance and create a display which reflects love in our daily lives.
We will reflect on love as self-care, diversity, care of environment and finally
as a reflection of the God within.
Our pot-luck theme will be
A Dish You Love (think beyond deserts :))