Unity of St. Petersburg is a spiritual community teaching practical spiritual principles that enrich, empower and transform lives.

UNITY of St Petersburg
 6168 1st Ave N
St. Petersburg, FL 33710


EVERY 2ND and last Sunday, after service, a magical moment occurs at USP.
 "Coming Together to Heal".
This is a special time where each person attending is offered an opportunity to 
raise the healing vibration within themselves, their families, their friends, their community, their world.
All that is necessary is a willingness to participate and an open heart.
The modalities of meditation, reiki and sacred sound have one thing in common.
They heighten our awareness of the Divine Energy within us
and enhance our ability to direct this energy toward action which can fulfill our highest goal. 
 This heightened awareness of the Divine Presence within
 increases our sense of universal connection
and further empowers us to rely on the goodness of this Presence 
to direct our actions toward universal balance.
What does this universal balance look like? What does it feel like?
It is Love!
It emanates from our heart. It influences our mind. It guides our actions.


As seen at “The Studio@620” as they saluted Black History Month, this special presentation is a monologue written by Susan Patricia Golden, MA, CPC, who will present it at UNITY of St Petersburg.  Elle Speed will facilitate a discussion after performance.

The series of vignettes reflects the writers experiences growing up and being exposed to prejudice. After the reading, there will be a moderated community discussion. The author's aim is to "invite people of all races to continuously put ourselves in 'the others" shoes and try the behaviors on from their perspectives and start a dialogue to get to know people and build bridges toward world harmony."

Golden’s intention in writing her experiences are at least two-fold:
1.) Her humble, perhaps clumsy in parts, attempt to have members in the black community know that some of us at least care to understand and be a part of a solution to the existing problems for which race is a scapegoat. 
2.) To encourage her white brothers and sisters to think back to their experiences and explore them from a place in their hearts rather than what the media and past generations of prejudiced people told them. We ALL will fair better in this life it we start being honest with ourselves and each other.
Love Offering Taken

Join Carolyn Mihalko for a fundamental class on the origin of Unity, its basic principles and teachings. Learn how the Unity movement began and how Unity’s Five Foundation Principles are a way of living fully. This class is free and open to everyone, regardless of whether you are new to Unity or have been attending for years.

The facilitator for “Basics of Unity” is Carolyn Mihalko, Secretary of USP Board of Trustees and leader of Unity of St. Petersburg’s Connection Team. She has been teaching various subjects for forty-eight years and has developed/facilitated over 140 workshops in the U.S., Canada and South Africa.

It’s often difficult to maintain a positive mental state, especially in times of change and stress, but in a new five-week course beginning April 17th, participants can learn how to create and maintain a happier and more peaceful life for themselves, those around them, and for the world. 
The lessons come primarily from The Book of Joy, a collection of teachings by the Dalai Lama of Tibet and Archbishop Desmond Tutu as heard and interpreted by Douglas Abrams. Additional insights and explanation will be provided by the course instructor, Mary Dawn Pyle, author, Professor (retired) of World Religions, and Director of Pastoral Care for Unity of St Petersburg. The course includes reading, discussion, personal reflection and journaling as well as lecture and audio-visual components. It is open to everyone.
The class will meet on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm from April 17 through May 15th at Unity of St Petersburg, 6168 First Avenue North, St Pete, 33710. Participants are strongly encouraged, if possible, to purchase The Book of Joy and begin reading the first few chapters, and to bring a notebook and pen to class. Generous donations will be appreciated. Those who have questions or wish to register may do so by emailing the instructor at marydawn@unitystpete.org or calling 727-344-1515.