Embracing oneness, celebrating diversity, grounded in Unity principles, UNITY of St Petersburg is a spiritual community of love, prosperity, and action

UNITY of St Petersburg
 6168 1st Ave N
St. Petersburg, FL 33710


EVERY 2ND and last Sunday, after service, a magical moment occurs at USP.
 "Coming Together to Heal".
This is a special time where each person attending is offered an opportunity to 
raise the healing vibration within themselves, their families, their friends, their community, their world.
All that is necessary is a willingness to participate and an open heart.
The modalities of meditation, reiki and sacred sound have one thing in common.
They heighten our awareness of the Divine Energy within us
and enhance our ability to direct this energy toward action which can fulfill our highest goal. 
 This heightened awareness of the Divine Presence within
 increases our sense of universal connection
and further empowers us to rely on the goodness of this Presence 
to direct our actions toward universal balance.
What does this universal balance look like? What does it feel like?
It is Love!
It emanates from our heart. It influences our mind. It guides our actions.

A new group called Free Writers will begin meeting on the first Friday of each month to encourage members to find their voice for self-expression in a variety of ways. Writing talent or skill is not required; the group is open to anyone who wants to write – whether through journaling, poetry, playwriting, fiction, or telling personal life stories. The first meeting will focus on free writing as a technique for self-discovery, and will include time for those present to discuss their writing goals.  
Free Writers meets at 6168 First Avenue North in St Pete, 33710, and is led by author and retired college professor Mary Dawn Pyle. Donations will be accepted to cover costs of space and materials. For more information, email marydawn@unitystpete.org, or call 727-341-1515.

We know you all want to be God's love expressing in the world, and we know you want to create a world that works for all. Well, mark your calendar because there is an opportunity for you to be that and do that, and it's coming up next week. 

There are a lot of women, men, children and elderly who are suffering because of domestic violence, and we need to find a way to prevent it..
I know, most of us don't want to talk about it, but the astonishing costs in human suffering and the economic losses to the country require our attention. If nothing changes, 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men will continue to experience intimate partner violence and many more will suffer because of verbal and psychological abuse. More than 4 million women in the US will be abused in the next 12 months at a total cost to the nation of 460 Billion dollars per year. Female survivors will continue to be 70% more likely than others to have heart disease, 80% more likely to have a stroke, 60% more likely to develop asthma. And 25% of employed women will continue to experience decreased work performance. Eight million paid work days will be lost each year in the US because of intimate partner violence. The long-term effects will limit educational and career advancement for women and produce higher medical bills, driving many families into poverty. And the children who witness such violence will continue to experience deep and lasting harm, thus perpetuating the cycle. There has to be a better way. 
Please join us for this important community forum: How to Prevent Domestic Violence, April 13th from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon. Two CASA representatives will be speaking. One of them will tell us about This is your chance to learn more about the problem, and its causes, and to participate in a lively discussion of potential solutions. It will be held at Unity of St Petersburg, 6168 First Avenue North, St Pete. 

Those who want to know more may call Unity of St Pete at 344-1515, or email marydawn@unitystpete.org. ​