About the Healing Ministry 
Rev. Fred Clare
Ordained Unity Minister

In April of 2013, I traveled to Abadiânia, Brazil to spend time at the Casa de Dom Inácio in the presence of João de Deus who is known in the United States as John of God. It was this experience that inspired me to create the Healing Ministry Team here at Unity of St. Petersburg. 

Being in the presence of this powerful healing community and of all those seeking healing, I was reminded of how Unity was founded as a Healing ministry and of the power of Unity’s teachings and prayers. In my time of silence at the Casa, I received guidance that Unity of St. Petersburg was being called to become a healing center in our community.  The Vision Statement Surfaced From Within:

We are a spiritual community dedicated to healing ourselves, assisting the healing of our brothers and sisters and the planet” 

The idea was planted, amazing individuals came together, and the Healing Ministry of Unity of St. Petersburg was born. The Healing Ministry is dedicated to providing opportunities for the healing of body, mind, and spirit to those who are experiencing dis-ease in their lives.  

I believe we are at a pivotal point in the evolution of our planetary consciousness. In Unity we believe we transform the world one consciousness at a time. Each of us has the potential to become light bearers in the world in which we live, move, and have our being. In order to be a bearer of God’s Light, it is necessary for us to dedicate ourselves to becoming whole or healed of any dis-ease within us that may prevent us from letting our light shine. This commitment to doing our inner work will then inspire us to assist our brothers and sisters in their journey to letting their light shine. 

As more and more of our brothers and sisters seek to become whole or healed, their individual God light will shine upon the collective consciousness exposing the dark places to the light and transforming the dark to light.  It is in this way that we together create a world that works for all.  

"As a medium of John of God's Casa, It Is my sacred task to help others heal emotionally and spirituality, find peace and strengthen their inner light.
Tania Citvaras
“I am grateful and blessed to be an instrument for God’s healing energy which provides relaxation, comfort, and well being for the body, mind, and spirit.”        Lois Phillips
"As a sound healer, my intention is to provide an experience which opens the mind and heart to the most subtle vibration...silence. It is in this state of inner solitude that miracles are created."
Elle Speed
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“We are a spiritual community dedicated to healing ourselves, assisting the healing of our brothers and sisters and the planet” 
2nd & Last Sundays of the month
Coming Together to Heal 
Healing Prayer Circle  
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